Youth-Work Connect is a non-affiliated independent youth work site which aims to bring together networks across Europe into one place.

Why Youth Work Connect? There are many good things happening in Europe among young people, and as a family of nations within the wider continent of Europe let’s share and learn from one-another!

For many years now since being involved in youth ministry and traveling across Europe, I have come to realize just how much positive work there is, both near and far with young people.  All offer positive contributions positive contributions in the world of youth-work. However, I couldn’t help but notice that these great people and organizations often work in a kind of isolation, that no one really knows of their valid contribution and it made me sad to see their impact go unnoticed, even though each work brings its own unique stance and valid tools and fresh insight into the world of youth work practise.

Youth-work Connect is trying to change this. Our mission is to connect–to create unity between a variety of organizations, countries and people around the world.

Though Youth-work Connect is a Christian organization, we believe in linking both Christian and secular organizations in the hopes of bringing people together. We believe that collaboration–both encouragement and the sharing of resources–can amplify the impact that these organisations and people are already having.

We want to empower, the next generation by meeting them where they’re at. This is why we firmly believe in taking advantage of technology–in utilising things like the Internet and social media as gateways to a more united youth–one that can run after justice, love and mercy together to pass on from one generation to another.

Thanks for visiting, & hope to hear from you soon!



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